I need some answers about current symptoms I am having. I am a recovering alcoholic. I have only been sober for 11 days. I also had a gastric bypass in 2004. I was drinking a 5 liter box of wine a day and prior I was drinking vodka. Within the last 4

There is no? Unfortunately, both in the posting of questions and in our answers, we are limited to the space of a tweet. You need to find a shorter way to express yourself in asking a question. Am glad to hear you are working a program and have had 11 24 hours of sobriety.
The. The sudden weight gain, swelling and low back pain seem to point to a kidney issue. It is possible that your kidney function has decreased, which is causing your body to not filter fluid effectively and instead retain large amounts fluids (leading to swelling in the body). However, the swelling can also be attributed to congestive heart failure, where your heart is not functioning properly, so blood and fluid gets backed up into the body system. Seeing a doctor is crucial. If the pain becomes too severe to tolerate, it is prudent to go to the emergency department.