How long should I wait after having a prostate biopsy before having another psa test?

At least 6 weeks. Psa will be elevated by any manipulation of the prostate including a biopsy. You should wait at least 6 weeks before having another psa checked.

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I m 55 yrs. Old my PSA has been a 5. It a been like this for awhile. Doc says a prostate biopsy neces. Test safe?

Discuss w Urologist. This is the very reason many organizations no longer recommend PSA test (see USPSTF), because it often leads to unnecessary prostate biopsies. Prostate biopsy is a relatively safe procedure, but does carry some risks and side effects. I suggest discussing your result with a Urologist, as it is above normal, but stable. They may recommend additional lab tests vs biopsy.

My PSA went or increased to a 5. Going for prostate biopsy, is it painful?

Yes, and treatable. There is pain but not too bad. Any over the counter medication like Tylenol (acetaminophen) or Motrin should be sufficient to relieve the pain.

Hello, My PSA went up to a 5, recommended prostate biopsy. The result was negative. Should be concerned? Thanks!

Not concerned, but. Not every elevated PSA represents cancer. Could be inflammation, enlargement or infection. The biopsy results are certainly reassuring, but that PSA should be monitored periodically.
Follow-up. A negative biopsy result is good, however, you should follow your doctor's advice for continued vigilance and periodic check-ups. There is no need to worry.

In april 03, 2013 I had a prostate biopsy because of a high psa 9.0. The biopsy result was negative for cancer but the prostate is 2 times larger than?

Elevated PSA. One common cause of psa elevation is benign prostatic hyperplasia (bph). The more prostatic tissue present, the more psa it will produce. If you are having symptoms from bph, a medication to shrink the prostate such as Finasteride or Dutasteride may be beneficial.
PSA density. Can describe whether the size of your gland explains the psa. The negative biopsy says they did not find the cancer, but it can also mean they missed it. I would repeat the psa and establish a pattern. You should refrain from sex a week or 2 before repeating the psa. If the psa continues to rise, repeat the biopsies.

After a prostate biopsy that showes no cancer. Can I recieve testosterone injections. That my psa is 300?

Hold off. Psas can be elevated for many reasons, including uti, prostatitis, and prostate cancer. A psa of 300 is very high and very unusual. It would be wise to have a repeat psa and if it is still elevated consider a repeat 12 - 16 core biopsy. If prostate cancer is present, testosterone therapy will worsen it.

My PSA is a 5, I'm going for a ultrasound guidance prostate biopsy. Is this procedure painful. Is it necessary?

At 55 yes. Prostatic biopsy at 55 is indicated (yes necessary), relatively low low risk out patient procedure, rarely needs strong pain medication for some none after the procedure.