How long can I reasonably wait before having my hydrocele surgically corrected?

Depends if no pain. Adult hydroceles do not resolve spontaneously, but you can wait for as long as you like or even forever it does not feel uncomfortable or painful. Should be checked with an ultrasound to exclude remote chance of tumor. George bernad shaw never had his knee length hydrocele repaired because he didn't trust surgeons and thus wore baggy plus4 pants all his life.
As long as you can.. If you're sure your hydrocele is benign and you can cope with its mental ; physical effect and inconvenience, you can wait and see as long as you wish. There is no timetable for hydrocelectomy.
As long as you want. Hydrocele surgery is by no means an emergency surgery. It can wait for as long as you want to wait. Patricio gargollo, md pediatric urology, dallas texas.