Am I having a miscarige? I had a positive pregnancy take home test recently. I missed my menses since the 2nd of this month. I went to sixflas new egland and road rollercoaster and I've been sick since then. I have greyish blacih beelding my abdomen is is

Pregnancy. I assume by 'sick' you mean nauseated. Nausea is not a symptom of miscarriage. It is a symptom of being pregnant.
Bleeding . Bleeding or spotting (scant or heavy) can be an early sign of miscarriage. Research shows that 25% of women who experience bleeding during their pregnancy are at risk for having a miscarriage. Later signs of miscarriage include heavy bleeding, pelvic cramping and lower back ache. It is always recommended to see a doctor if you have a vaginal bleeding during pregnancy. It is better to be safe than sorry. If all goes well, do note that rollercoasters are contraindicated during pregnancy, it is too hard on the body.