Am I pregonate/how can I tell if I am/ what are the chance I am? Me and my husband were preforming in sexual manners, he ejaculated, and then became erect again, he did not ejaculate in or near my vagina, but once he became erect again he did make penitra

How to get Pregnant. It can be very frustrating when one is hoping to get pregnant and it is not happening. Here are the facts: to get pregnant a female must be ovulating and at the same time have fresh semen deposited inside the vagina. Ovulation is both a process and an event. As the ovary prepares the egg the five days before the egg is freed from the ovary is the days sperm is most likely to cause pregnancy.
There . There is always a chance that you are pregnant if you have unprotected sex. A man who is erect will emit pre-ejaculatory fluid which contains semen. If you are observing the pull-out method to prevent pregnancy, you will always be at rik for getting pregnant with each sexual encounter. Early signs of pregnancy include: 1. Nausea/vomiting - morning sickness 2. Spotting/breakthrough bleeding - due to an egg's implantation into the uterus 3. Back pain 4. Breast enlargement and/or tendeness 5. Heachaches - due to hormonal changes 6. Nipple changes (for instance a change in color) 7. Frequent urination the pregnancy hormone can be detected in the urine 14 days after conception. Do take a pregnancy test after that time frame.