Blood pressure I had bypass sugurey in 1982 had been getting along fine. I was taking blood pressure medicine. Pressure start running 94 to i00 over anywhere from 52 to 66. Stop taking medicine orders from my doctor. Still runs 110 over 60 t0 65.Can you ple

No treatment needed. It looks like your BP and hr is well under control. As long as you are active and have no symptoms you don't need to worry. You certainly need an ECG to make sure your rhythm is normal. If you have any symptoms you also need an echocardiogram.
It . It will be important to be assessed by your doctor however many factors can contribute to a lower blood pressure. The following healthy lifestyle changes may have contributed: 1. Have you lost weight? 2. Have you improved your diet habits? Lower in saturated fats, choosing lower sodium foods? 3. Have you begum an exercise regimen and stuck to it? These items may contribute to a lower blood pressure and given you the ability to be weaned off your blood pressure medications. See you doctor to talk about any untoward or unintentional weight loss or if you feel light headed or dizzy.