Does testosterone therapy improve male fertility?

No! Testosterone replacement decreases sperm counts. It is essentially male birth control because testosterone therapy shuts down the pituitary gland so the testicles stop making sperm.
Fertility in men. There are two types of testosterone replacement in men. If you use testosterone whether a gel, cream, shot that has been shown to decrease fertility and can take up to two years to correct. However if you are using human chorionic gonadotropin, this hormone helps men produce more of their own testosterone and is used in younger men, this does not affect fertility.
Not Necessarily. Testosterone can actually have a harmful effect. By suppressing your body's own hormones it can lead to very low sperm counts in men.
No. Testosterone replacement is a good contraceptive for the vast majority of men. Boosting natural testosterone levels in healthy ways or with Clomid (clomiphene) or tamoxifen can improve male fertility. See: http://theturekclinic.Com/naturally-boost-testosterone-male-hormone/.

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Which hormones are essential for male fertility aside from testosterone? What does each one do?

There is a brain. Hormone (ghrh) which causes your pituitary to put out fsh, which stimulates sperm production -- and lh, which stimulates testosterone production. Your thyroid level also needs to be somewhere near normal. Read more...
Testosterone, FSH. Many hormones are essential for normal male fertility. The ones we typically measure during the infertility evaluation are testosterone, fsh, lh and prolactin. See: http://theturekclinic.Com/services/male-fertility-infertility-doctor-treatments-issues-zero-sperm-count/male-infertility-evaluation-sperm-test-semen-analysis-san-francisco-los-angeles/. Read more...