How to take care of sleep depravation? I stayed up last night all night and I rea something tht said to wait till after 8 or so to go to sleep. I was wondring if I should stay up agsin tonigh because u lredy fll asleep at 5 until 9 and I don't know hat o d

Sleep Deprivation. Bottom line...You need to sleep and it should be on a regular schedule. You really need to get on a regular sleep schedule that corresponds to the light-dark cycle of a normal day. The body needs between 8 to 10 hours of sleep. One of the best schedules is going to bed around 10pm and get up at 7am. If you take naps, you'll have more trouble getting to sleep. Stay up til 10 and go to bed.
It . It is very important to try to get back on a regular sleep schedule. Sleep deprivation is a very uncomfortable feeling and can affect everything you do during the day, and could make driving or other activies that require concentration unsafe. Try and eat small, light meals during the day, then about 2 hours before bedtime have a larger meal. During the day, stay well hydrated with water, but don't drink fluilds within 2 hours of bedtime. Be sure your room is cool at night and add some "white noise", such as a fan. If you are this sleep deprived, you may need to go to bed a little earlier than your normal bedtime, but you are right in not wanting to go too early such as at 5pm as that will make it harder to get back on a normal schedule.