Does not cleaning under your foreskin cause penile cancer?

ON THE CONTRARY. Peancernile cancer is related to a combination of being uncircumcised and poor personal hygene. Uncircumcised men with poor personal hygene, especially if they have phimosis (tight foreskin) are at significant risk to develop penile cancer. Cleaning under the foreskin regularly virtually removes any risk of penile cancer. Penile cancer is virtually unknown in scandinavia where hygene is excellent.
Maybe. Are you circumcised? Penile cancer is much much more prevalent in uncircumcised males especially if hygiene is not a priority.
Certainly predispose. Almost all cases of penile cancer are due to a combination of being uncircumcised plus poor hygiene. Inabilty to retract foreskin increases risk of poor hygiene and penile cancer. There is visrtually no penile cancer in scandinavia, where few men are circumcised and level of hygiene, in cluding cleaning under foreskin, is high.

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