Does liver cancer make your urine bloody?

Maybe. Liver cancer can affect your body's clotting mechanism and consequently can increase the risk of bleeding all over your body.
It could. It depends on on severe the liver damage from the cancer is. Sometimes you can have a component of liver failure along with the cancer and this could hurt the body's ability to make the proteins that cause blood to clot. Having one of these coagulopathies could cause bleeding from odd places. Blood in the urine should however be checked out to make sure there is no other problems.

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Primary Small Cell Liver Cancer in nodes and spot in lung. On alternative therapies including baking soda, PH urine is 9-10, is this too high?

I'm sorry. Small cell carcinoma is very seldom primary in the liver and you need to have an explanation for why it's not a lung primary metastatic there instead -- that would be treatable with chemotherapy for a few more good months / years. The baking soda "alternative" therapy is a cynical, cruel fraud and adds insult to your difficult situation, no matter how "kindly" and "caring" the presenters. Read more...