Can a person catch something from a cat I know this sounds silly, I've had a cat for about six months. He was a found cat. He seems very happy and laid back but seems to have a constant wheeze when he breathes. He's big, maybe even a little overweight. I

Yes. Toxoplasmosis is transmitted from cats. Also cat scratch fever. Cats catch and kill mice/carry them in their mouth. Mice carry leptospirosis. You can get rabies from a cat. There are probably other diseases too - that said, i love cats and keep them around. We all have to die sometime.
Not . Not sure with your question. Seems like you and the cat both are having breathing problems. Not sure about the cat's symptoms, but, if you are someone that is not used to having cats around in the past, you could have developed allergy to it, causing your symptoms. This can detected by a simple skin test with an allergist. If you are proven to be allergic, you may want an alternate home for the cat.