What is wrong with my hand I have been gardening a lot this week. My index finger went numb and swollen this week. Today almost my whole hand is tingly and numb. I was pulling weeds so lots of repetitive motion, yet I have been gardening for years. Not to

Carpal tunnel. It certainly could be carpal tunnel syndrome, a pinched nerve in your wrist which makes your fingers go numb. It may also be due to the shears pushing on the digital nerve to your thumb. See a hand surgeon for an examination and treatment.
What . What has happened to the numbness? Numbness can be due to pressure on nerves, some abnormality in a specific nerve or a general condition. Numbness may be from pressure on the nerve in the neck, or the arm or hand. Does any position aggravate the numbness? Does it come and go? Is it getting worse or improving? Is it limited to certain fingers? Do you have diabetes? All of these questions are important to help our doctor. See your family physician if the numbness has continues for the month.