Does having prostate cancer always make it impossible to have sex?

No. Prosyate cancer itself typically does not effect sexual performance. Prostate cancer treatments typically have an effect on sexual performance for variable periods of time.
No. In fact many men living with prostate cancer have very gratifying sex lives. Unfortunately a lot of the treatments for prostate cancer, both medical and surgical, interfere with the functioning of the erectile response, and luckily modern medicine has many reliable and safe therapies should a man require assistance.
No. You can still have sex even with this cancer...Treatment can make you unable to get an erection.

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If I have prostate cancer can have sex and and if they block hormone haw can I have libido and erction or no more sex in my life

Urologist. Prostate cancer, by itself is no contraindication to sex and you can have it as much as you desire and are capable of. Hormone treatment will affect your sex life but it does not have to disappear. Please discuss the various options with your urologist. Read more...