I have been having symptoms like dizziness, headaches, back aches and boob soreness or sensitivity. I thought because of that I was pregnant so I took a home pregnancy test but I am not. So what is wrong with me, I am scared.

If. If you thought you might be pregnant this leads me to believe that your menstrual cycle has been late or absent. You may not be ovulating for a variety of reasons. Some blood tests are a starting point in the evaluation: tsh, t4, prolactin at minimum.
Dizziness. At 60 yrs old, you should have gone through the change. Any vaginal bleeding at your age is worrisome and needs to be checked. Have your family doctor or an ob/gyn check you out for the breast soreness. Do not be scared! It is probably nothing and just a cold. Getting this checked makes you proactive and not reactive. When it checks out to be nothing you will not be scared. Good luck!