I have a small abrassion from a dog bite does this warrant a visit to the ER cleaned the wound area

It . It depends on where the dog bite is and what your underlying health is like. Dog bites generally do not get infected as often as cat bites which are notorious for causing serious skin and soft tissue infections. Dog bites of the hands especially puncture wounds are more prone to infection and should be seen promptly by a health care provider. This is also true for deep wounds that involve any kind of significant tissue loss or foreign body such as a tooth. Underlying medical conditions such as diabetes or immune suppression will increase your risk of infection. Finally, any wound is a risk factor for tetanus and so its important to make sure that your immunization status is up to date. If you do not think you need to go to the er based on the above, its wise to watch the wound closely for signs of infection such as redness, drainage or streaking as well as fever. If present, these should prompt a visit to a health care provider.
Know the dog? Is the dog vaccinated? Rabies is rare but possible. All animal bites (including human) tend to be bacteria laden. If it is very shallow. Cleaning well with soap and water and dressing with a clean non stick dressing should be adequate however see md if pain or redness worsen.