Heart murmers heart palpatations (murmers) had these 6 months ago they stopped when reduced caffine intake. Had a lot of stress this last two weeks and now they are back, with a twist they get really wierd and more pronounced when I lay on my back. T

Palpitations. A heart murmur is a sound you hear with a stethoscope. Palpitations are what you feel when your heart skips. Now, most people feel their heart skip more when lying in bed, especially left side down, on your stomach, or on your back. All heart skip some each day. Stress, fatigue, caffeine, nicotine, insomnia - all make it worse. If you're concerned, see your doc/get your heart checked out.
Stress . Stress can absolutely exasperbate heart palpitations and it makes sense that taking a benzodiazepines helps, since these medicines help to reduce your anxiety and stress. It will be important to get these palpitations assessed. It is best to let your doctor know that these are occuring, then report to the emergency department when actively experiencing palpitations so that an ekg test can be performed. Either way, it seems that increased heart rate precipitates the palpitations and your doctor needs to know so that a treatment regimen can be implemented.