I'm still in a lot of pain after having laproscopic sigmoid colon surgery, then a hematoma. Why, and how long could this go on? I had the surgery for diverticulitis, it's been 2 weeks after surgery and 4 days ago he drained the hematoma, I am in a lot of

Standard. Standard recommendations for the performance of laparoscopic sigmoidectomy in patients with diverticulitis include patients who have complications of the disease or have had numerous, severe disease episodes. Laparoscopic sigmoid colectomy for diverticulitis has demonstrated benefits with regard to operative blood loss, postoperative pain, length of hospital stay, morbidity and mortality compared with open surgical techniques. In either open or laparoscopic sigmoidectomy, the major complications include: leakage and/or stricture at the anastomosis (connecting the two ends of the colon), abscess, and bleeding (hematoma). The symptoms associated with the hematoma depend on its size and location. It is possible that the hematoma is compressing surrounding tissues or organs causing pressure symptoms, or if pressing on a nerve, can also cause neuralgias or pain. If you are still having symptoms after drainage of the hematoma, you may want to see your surgeon again to have a ct scan done to make sure that the hematoma has been drained and that there are not other reasons (such as infection) for presistent pain or gastrointestinal symptoms.
There. There are many reasons you might have pain after surgery and a hematoma is one. A hematoma can take months to resolve but generally does not cause debilitating pain. The most immediate concern is to rule out infection or other complication. Please discuss this with your surgeon and have him examine you again. Testing may be needed to look for another cause of your pain.