I was prescribed prednisone 40mg for 4 days with the taper but I stopped after 4 days cold turkey and I'm having problems-emerge I stopped after 4 days not knowing it could be a serious deal until I looked up the potential adrenal crisis and I need to kno

Not a problem. A brief course (4 days ) of tapering steroids at a therapeutic dose does not set you up for an adrenal crisis. Stay on them for weeks & stop without a very gradual taper and you might. Pay more attention to listening to your doc and less to trying to second guess what they do and life will be easier.
No adrenal crisis. Adrenal crisis only after more than a week of corticosteroids, but resurgence of the problem or a let down from the steroid high, mose possible.
Since . Since i don't know why you were prescribed Prednisone in the first place i can't say if you should restart. Stopping without a taper of 40mg is done all the time safely without any tapering so your symptoms are unlikely related to this.