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What are the difficulties with geriatric medications if no serious kidney or heart problems?

Still need caution. We all age at a predetermined rate and with it there is loss of function and reserve of several organs including kidneys and liver even if the blood tests appear to be normal so it is prudent to reduce the doses and avoid certain combination of drugs. This is particularly true for sedatives which can potentiate falls.

Any ideas of why im retaining water lately? I don't eat much so its not salt, I don't have kidney or heart problems, its not meds cause I tried going of

Fluid retention. Causes: congestive heart failure, nephrotic syndrome, cirrhosis of the liver, certain drugs, obesity, venous insufficiency, lymphatic insufficiency (lymphedema,) thyroid deficiency, certain malignancies, cushinging's disease. Take your pick. You need testing to determine your cause.

Can having a kidney transplant cause heart problems?

Yes. The main cause of death in transplant patients is cardiovascular. This is at least in part due to the required medications after transplantation.

If I have normal uric acid levels can gout attacks still lead to kidney or heart problems? Thanks

Yes. Uric acid levels are usually, not always, elevated with gout. Chronic gout can cause kidney damage and affect the heart. See these two sites for more info. Http://www. Ncbi. Nlm. Nih. Gov/pubmedhealth/pmh0001459/ http://www. Med. Ucla. Edu/modules/wfsection/article. Php? Articleid=475.
Very unlikely. Do you actually have gout? What exactly is your serum uric acid level? A normal serum uric acid and gout is very rare. These attacks are usually breakthrough attacks in someone who is already on allopurinol. It is highly unlikely anyone with a serum uric acid below 6 mg/dl will have kidney or heart problems.
Uric acid injurt. Higher than normal serum uric scid has been associated with progressive vascular disease, heart disease, kidney disease, and worse outomes. Gout attacks themselves are not linked in the studies with these problems. Normal uric acid serves you well. Do your best with diet / avoid fat. Minimize meats and fish and shellfish. Avoid alcohol. Keep BP normal. Eat more fruit and veg.

Kidney collapsed caused high blood pressure and heart problems is it true and what is the cure. He is 62 yrs old?

Hard to say. High blood pressure can cause heart problems and kidney failure. Kidney failure can cause high blood pressure and in turn causes heart problems. Several medications are available to control blood pressure and to help with heart problems.

Have hypertension, kidney+heart problems, went on3day hike, had to drop out due to bp, 3dys l8tr BP really high+palpatations with dizziness evry 1/2 hour?

Exertion. Did your physician ok such an arduous and strenuous hike? With your medical problems this exertion was too much for you. If your hypertension isn't under control and you have palpitations, your internist or cardiologist will want to adjust your medication and give you guidelines on your activities.

Dad age 76.Admitted w/ swelling legs & kidneys operating at 2.36%.History of heart problems. What can this mean going forward in symptoms/treatments?

Depends. The swelling could be from decompensated heart failure with decreased blood flow subsequently to the kidneys (causing cardiorenal syndrome) in which the kidneys will improve slightly when the heart failure is appropriately treated and compensated. The swelling could also be kidney related if the heart disease is chronic. If this is the cause it depends if this kidney injury is acute and reversible.
Work for Health. Your father's problems sound complex and much of his future may depend upon the details of his condition and his own determination to live the best life he can. We doctors have general statistics about how well or poorly patients with certain problems do but statistics are only general because each pt is different. His pursuit of the best possible life can make a huge difference.