Does coenzyme q10 boost male fertility?

Not proven. There are no good studies that show it changes any pregnancy rate or outcome.
It may. Many male fertility supplements (www.Essbeg.Com) contain this. It is theorized to work in the epididymis to help with sperm motility. Randomized trials to show exactly what it does do not exist.
Yes. I know of one study that was randomized, placebo controlled that showed improvement in sperm motility on 300 mg daily of coq10.

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Is coenzyme Q10 a vitamin?

CoQ10 is actually an. enzyme, i.e., something that helps other biochemical processes to work. Please read the label. If under 35 or so you can use the ubiquinone form. If older than that use the more potent and more expensive ubiquinol form. Peace and good health. CoQ10 is avaialbe in health food stores. Read more...

Does coenzyme Q10 reduce the risk of any cancers? If so, which ones?

Not to my knowledge. In fact, the whole history of supplements -- even antioxidants and omega 3's -- preventing cancer, prolonging life, or improving it quality is almost without exception, over the past forty years, a history of tremendous disappointment. You won't hear about this if you get all your information from "health" internet sites. If you're interested in this, get with an evidence-based holistic doctor. Read more...

Is 100mg ubiquinone (normal Coenzyme Q10) equivalent to 100mg ubiquinol (active form of Coenzyme Q10)? Thank you

Not as well absorbed. Studies suggest that the blood level of CoQ10 from taking ubiquinol is 1.5 to 8 times greater than taking the same amount of ubiquinone. Thus, one might need to take 150-300 mg of Ubiquinone to get the same benefits of 100 mg of Ubiquinol. See for more info. Read more...