Tingle in right hand and finger tips, sharp pain in neck area when I lower my head also pain in elbow joint and shoulder blade all on right side.

Cerivical radiculiti. Sounds like you have a herniated disc or pinched nerve in your neck. Reproduction of the pain and numbness while bending your neck to the affected side is called a positive "spurling's sign". Your shoulder blade pain is also characteristic of this. Would start with some otc antiiflams and if pain persists or weakness develops in hand or numbness persists would seek attention.

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Pain in left arm. Starts around elbow. Pain radiates to thumb. Sometimes tingling fingers. Yesterday had shooting pain across shoulder when extended arm.

Sounds like pinched. nerve, but any pain in left arm is concerning for angina. You are quite young to develop heart disease, but you should see your doctor to make sure your heart is ok, especially if you have risk factors. Read more...