Need a plastic surgery reversed. I need a surgeon willing to tackle someone else's mistake. I have been living in severe pain and acute choking sensations from a cervical lift with platysma transection for five years. I just want the suturing to be trimme

Full consultation. A full consultation including all operative reports and previous treatments would be necessary.
Consultation. This is not a typical complication after neck lift surgery. A full consultation would be necessary to determine the cause and any type of surgical correction.
Rev plastic surgery. It's best to be evaluated in person by a plastic surgeon who has experience in secondary or revision cosmetic surgery of the face/neck. Your best bet is to ask any plastic surgeon you meet their experience, speak to your friends/colleagues about surgeons they liked, do online research on the specific topic of secondary neck lift.
Revision. Seek consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. You may also want to travel to a teaching institution that specializes in revision all surgery. Nyu, cornell manhattan eye and ear are some places in ny.
Please . Please send me the operative reports and pictures of you, your medical and surgical history, age, weight, height.