Could I be pregnant? Is there any way I could be pregnant because my boyfriend ejaculated on my stomach but some of it ran and im worried.

Highly unlikely. Semen has to enter vagina for sperm to rain access to uterus via the cervix, before they can reach the fallopian tubes where fertilization takes place. Thus no chance of pregnancy unless you practiced coitus interuptus (withdrawing from vagina before ejaculation. There can be sperm in precum which makes this method of contraception unreliable.
If . If at anytime semen comes in contact with the vagina, fertilization can occur. The fluids in the vagina can facilitate transfer of semen into the birth canal and beyond. While the chances are low, there is still a chance. Also, it sounds like you were having unprotected sex. During sex, a man will have pre-ejacaculate fluid which can also contain semen. You are definitely at risk for getting pregnant. The pull-out method is not a mechanism for birth control. If you want to avoid pregnancy, use condoms. Contact your doctor to see if you are a candidate for hormonal birth control options.