Could I be pregnant? The doctor didn't put the IUD in right andi had unprotected sex. The doctor put me on an oral birth control that just I 10 days ago. I am having pregnancy symptems, but don't know if it is the birth control. I am not sure when my

Unlikely. Sometimes birth control pills cause pregnancy-like symptoms: nausea, breast tenderness, mood changes, especially in the first 1-3 months. If a pregnancy test was negative, i'd suggest you continue taking it (be sure you're not missing any pills) and see if your period comes when it's supposed to come.
Take . Take a pregancy test. The pregancy hormone can be detected in the urine in about 14 days. Since you had unprotected sex during the time that the iud was in the wrong place, you would be at risk for pregnancy. The pink discharge can be attributed to a couple things. One being some uterine trauma as a result of the misplaced iud. Second being due to the fact that you have just started a new birth control pill regimen. Many women experience spotting during the first couple months of being on birth control due to the hormonal changes.