Pregnant with shortness of breath constant cough then shortness of breath suffer from allergies, constant sneezing and then shortness of breath

Asthma. Sounds like asthma. If you can't breathe then the baby can't breathe. See an asthma specialist (typically an allergist) for appropriate therapy. Get this done asap, please.
I . I am conceerned that you may have asthma. Your history of allergies raises the risk of asthma. Pregnancy will often improve some aspects of asthma but as the pregnancy advances the diagphragm is increasingly compromised.

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Pregnant with shortness of breath. Constant cough and allergies then the shortness of breath

Need evaluation. Symptoms of shortness of breath and frequent cough can be related to asthma or other conditions that can affect pregnant women including cardiomyopathy (heart problems). Allergies and asthma frequently occur together and if untreated or under treated can lead to serious consequences. It important these symptoms are addressed by a physician specialist soon. Read more...