I believe I have a problem with an underactive thyroid. What kind of doctor should I see that would give me a more extensive examination?

GP, endocrinologist. Diagnosing hypothyroidism is not difficult despite what you may read on the internet. The most sensitive test is a TSH level. When high, it implies that the thyroid level is low. One then checks a free T4 level. Although some alternative doctors will claim that a TSH above 2 is abnormal, the vast majority of people with low thyroid will not have symptoms until the free T4 level is low.

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What do doctors do to test for an underactive thyroid?

Blood tests. Typically thyroid function is assessed by blood tests thaat measure the level of various forms of thyroid hormone, bound and unbound in the blood. Sometimes specialized studies utilizing imaging techniques can also be used to determine size, volume, irregularities, location and function of the thyroid gland. Read more...