Non-allergic motor-vaso rhinitis have been diagnosed with the above ailment, have been to 7 ENT mds and 4 internists, have tried every medicine there is and nothing helps. Runny nose, burning, teary eyes, can anybody help? Please?

Very complicated. After having seen so many docs and no cure it is clear that this is complicated! you may need ct sinus or allergy testing. See a great doc.
Chronic . Chronic nonallergic rhinitis is not a specific diagnosis, it is given when a person has sneezing, runny nose, congestion and drainage, but no allergic cause can be found. We have four ways to determine allergy (blood and skin tests, direct challenge, or strong evidence from historical correlation). In the us the first two are most commonly used, but in europe nasal challenge is sometimes used (spain has some of the world experts). When skin and blood tests don't show an allergic cause but nasal allergen challenge does, we call this entopy (allergy isolated to that body area). Nasal challenge studies have shown that some patients diagnosed with non-allergic rhinitis actually have challenge proven allergic triggers. In the us, allergist can perform skin testing to common environmental triggers; such as tree, grass and weed pollens, molds, dust and mites, and animal danders. Sometime a cause can be missed because only blood tests are used (and this testing method is not very good at diagnosing nasal allergy). There is also the possibility of not testing for the right things, mouse and rat for example can cause severe allergy but are not usually looked for unless we get the history that there is a rodent problem at home or work. Similarly there can be allergy to cockroach or ladybug. Foods can cause nasal and eye symptoms as well but will usually also cause mouth or digestive problems as well. Food preservatives and dyes can also be hidden causes. Medicines as well, such as hormonal replacements, blood pressure medicines, medicines for prostate problems, topical nasal decongestants, and pain medicines such as aspirin. People with sensitivity to Aspirin and related NSAID medicines like Ibuprofen can have nasal and eye symptoms and are at potential risk for more severe life threatening reactions. If a person is very sensitive they may even react to naturally occurring salicylates in food. Rarely more severe diseases can have prominent nasal symptoms; diabetes, sarcoidosis, wegener's, polychondritis and uremia. Infections; leishmaniasis, leprosy, tb, syphilis, sporotricosis, blastomycosis, histoplasmosis, coccidiomycosis but a person would have other symptoms and usually be quite ill. Ideally if a cause can be found and the trigger avoided then medicines can be avoided. If no cause is found or it is unavoidable various treatments to try alone or in combination would include; nasal flushing with clean preferably boiled water, salt and baking soda, oral or topical antihistamines, ipratropium nasal spray , cromolyn nasal spray(over the counter), or nasal steroid sprays. Leukotriene blocking medicines originally designed for asthma treatment are not steroids and are approved fro nasal symptoms, I have many patients that have responded well to singulair, Accolate (which has a generic) or zyflo (very costly). I hope you find relief!