I got rubbing alcohol in my eye last night. I washed it out immediately. Do I need to go see a doctor today? Or am I fine? My eye is a little sore today, but not much. I just worry about stuff like that

Get seen. If you have concerns and is bothersome see an ophthalmologist!
More . More than likely you just rinsed out the natural oils and tear film and the eyes feel a little dry. This can disrupt the ph of your tear film. Likely your eyes will return to normal within 24-48 hours. Rinse your eyes with sterile saline solution, unisol is a brand available in most drugstores. Just rinse your eyes for a few moments. Then instill preservative free artificial tears (systane, refresh, or other preservative free brand) every 2 hours today and then 4x's a tomorrow. If no improvement in symptoms by tomorrow, then see an eye doctor. You may need an anti-biotic or anti-inflammatory eye drops to help resolve. Also, if you note excessive crusting around eyelashes upon waking, increasing light sensitivity or continuous mucus discharge see an eye doctor.