Who do I see? For months I have had headaches on and off. And for months I have had very strange waves in my vision. Its hard to explain, but it doesn't happen when I'm doing one certain thing, but just looking at whatever, it will do a wave like thing. I

Could be migraine. Migraine headache can be mild but associated with vision symptoms such as "wavy lines" in your vision. I would contact your medical doctor or a neurologist or neuro-ophthalmologist to be sure.
Thank . Thank you for the question. You certainly would want to see someone who specializes in headaches -- this usually (but not exclusively) means a neurologist -- a medical doctor specializing in non-surgical approaches to the nervous system. Since your eye doctor recommended but didn't order the ct or mri, i assume that you saw an optometrist and not an ophthalmologist -- but either way, i would clarify with them as well as your primary care doctor whether they simply want you to have a test or to see someone -- and who that doctor. For example, some of us even sub-specialize in headache medicine. Thank you, daniel kantor, md medical director neurologique president florida society of neurology board certified, headache medicine ----------------------------------------------- be a leader, help the network ... Join neurologique@gmail.Com multiple sclerosis team approach rule *** ms patient network www.Neurologique.Org twitter, facebook, blogs and more.