If a patient has rotator cuff surgery and bicep tendion tear surgery in the same day what is the expected time off work? Patient also had complication upon waking up from surgery. Patient woke up with elevated blood glucose levels of more than 300 and ha

Long. Much depends on size of tear, method and quality of repair. It can vary from 4-6 weeks in a sling. Time off work depends on what "work" is... For an athlete, could be a year. For a secretary, a week. Be sure to ask the surgeon.
The . The general answer is that it depends on your line of work. Typically shoulder strengthening does not begin until 3 months postoperatively, and full recovery can take 6-9 months. If you work a desk job, it can be as early as 5-7 days to return to work, but if your work involves lifting, overhead activities, etc, it could be more like 3-4 months.