Am I too young for spinal fusion? I'm a 18 yo female I had a laminectomy last year in my lumbar spine l3-s1 to decompress my nerves. Its been a year and im still in excruciating chronic pain my surgeon said I need a spinal fusion but he wont do it cause im

Yes you are young. But discuss this with your surgeon. It may be the only option to stop your pain.
I'm . I'm sorry to hear you are having these symptoms. After a multi-level laminectomy it is possible that you have developed spinal instability in the lumbar spine and if this is the case a fusion is one option, but not the only option. I treat conditions such as yours on a regular basis and would be happy to examine you and review your imaging studies in order to discuss your condition and what options are available. Generally a spinal fusion is reserved for instability or spinal deformity. Special tests can be ordered to determine if this is the best approach, or if a more conservative approach is appropriate. Age in of itself is not an indication or contra-indication for fusion, however, taking into account that you are 18, it is imperative that the proper work up is implemented prior to moving forward with any type of fusion procedure. Dr. Gleiber.