I am on warfarin for blood clots in my leg. Diagnosed 3 weeks ago. I am also on benicar. My BP is 140/90, is this a problem? I had a pe in january of 2010, was put on warfarin for 6 months. They believe it was the birth control pills and immediately stop

Family history? Birth control pills do increase your risk for developing a blood clot, but they don't increase that risk as much as pregnancy does.There are also clotting problems that can run in the family.You should ask your doctor about being testing for a familial reason to develop clots, and you should definitely be using another method of birth control to prevent pregnancy while you're on warfarin.
A . A normal blood pressure for an adult is 120/60. It will be important for you to check your blood pressure daily to ensure it does not get too high. The presence of blood clots in your body put you at high risk for heart attack, stroke and pe. Ask your doctor to give you parameters for when to call, for example he/she can ask that you call the doctor if your systolic (top) blood pressure is over 150. The increase in your blood pressure is worth a call to the doctor, and once again, ask your doctor to give you some parameters for when to be concerned about your blood pressure.