For three days I have been seeing black lines in my right eye. It floats around but is very annoying. Is this something to worry about. I had a bleeding stroke in dec of 2006 and Crohn's disease in 2007. I am a 57 year old female.

Floaters. Floaters are thickenings in the vitreous jelly inside the eye. They are common with age, myopia, inflammation, trauma, and other issues. They are benign and do not damage your vision. Rarely, they can cause retinal tears which may require laser treatment. Otherwise, no treatment is needed. In very rare cases, the floaters can become dense enough to block vision and may need surgical removal.
You . You may be having symptoms of floaters due to a forward movement of the vitreous gel. This is called a vitreous detachment and is a normal aging process. Unfortunately about 1% of patients with new floaters have a retinal tear. You need an eye examination to evaluate your symptoms, so please call your ophthalmologist. The link below will give you more information.