What are the chances if a person has lung caner the size of the cancer is 9.5/3.2, has a hard time breathing, has a hard time eating, has to setup to sleep, sleep's a lot and in a lot of pain

Fair. If indeed this is a cancer on biopsy, it fits into a relatively advanced stage just from its size alone. The patient is symptomatic - poor appetite, shortness of breath, ect. The patient needs to see an oncologist -- either radiation or medical, and would most likely need a combination of chemotherapy and radiation. Do it now!
The . The size of the cancer by itself its not enough to provide information about the prognosis of a patient with lung cancer. This patient needs to be evaluated by a medical oncologist to see if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes or to other parts of the body. Additionally, it is important to know what type of lung cancer it is, the age of the patient, if the patient smoked or not, other medical problems that the patient may have, and most recently, we also need to know the results of some molecular analyses done in the cancer. There are patients with cancers of 9.5 cm that actually get surgery and do well, others get chemotherapy and radiation and then get surgery, and others just get chemotherapy but it all depends on the stage of the cancer and the type of lung cancer among other things. It is very important that this person is seen by a medical oncologist soon. Ask your medical oncologsit the type of lung cancer, the stage of the cancer and, based on that, the prognosis.