If a person has small cell cancer in this lung what are the chances of them getting it all. The cancer is 9.5/3.2cm's? Also there is an air pocket above it. He has a hard time breathing and has to set up to sleep.

Small cell is very. Responsive to chemotherapy and radiation, in fact some are cured. Destruction of lung function with bullae/abcess are ominous signs. If his measured oxygen saturation is low, he needs appropriate nasal oxygen. Not all of his problems are cancer, but treat the cancer she if his other symptoms improve.
Small . Small cell lung cancer is not usually treated with surgery because by the time it is found it is too large to get fully resected. For a cancer that is 9.5 x 3.2 cm the treatment would consist of either chemotherapy alone or chemotherapy in combination with radiation depending on different factors. Talk to your medical oncologist to see what option would be best for you or your family member. For more information about small cell lung cancer, the national cancer institute has very good information in its website: http://www.Cancer.Gov/cancertopics/pdq/treatment/small-cell-lung/patient.
Small cell lung . Small cell lung cancer is divided into two stages limited and extensive stage. Limited stage is confined to a hemithorax, mediastinum, or supraclavicular nodes, within a tolerable radiation therapy port. Extensive is anything beyond that. It appears this patient may have limited stage disease. Limited stage small cell patients have upto 25% 5yr survival with concurrent chemotherapy and radiation.