When I have sex I ejaculate real fast. Is there a medication to slow it down i;m not in anu meds so I don't know why I come in less than a minute

Sexual Dysfunction . The mainstay of medical treatment for premature ejaculation has been ssri type antidepressants. Paxil (paroxetine) 10-20mg is most often used. It can be taken about an hour before sex or or on a daily basis. It stays in your system for a few days and can have other side effects as a result. In the usa watch for a new drug (dapoxetine) this year. It will be just for premature ejaculation. Already in europe.
Slow down...build up. Try going slower; enjoy the journey as it were; and attempt different positions with your s.O. Let her take the lead and concentrate on making her satisfied first.