I am curious if the term "unremarkable" in this xray is good or bad? Above normal? Also any other impressions from this? Findings: the thoracic vertebral bodies are unremarkable in height and alignment. There is no verterbral body fracture or significan

Good. Since a radiologist or other physician reading an x-ray would be remiss if he/she didn't "remark" on any abnormality, if a study or area is unremarkable it can be considered lacking abnormalities. The reading you referenced reads normal height and alignment of the thoracic vertebrae. That is a good thing.
The . The word "unremarkable" in this context means normal. It sounds like your wife has mild degenerative changes throughout her spine, but nothing that looks like fractures or tumors. This would be a fairly typical report for a middle-aged or elderly individual.
The . The term "unremarkable" can be translated to "common". There are wide variations in the appearance of human anatomy. In addition, anatomy can vary with age and gender. In this particular case, "unremarkable" is used to describe the height and alignment of the vertebral bodies having an appearance that is common for someone of your wife's age. Good and bad suggest an appearance outside the range of common. Above normal would also fall into this category. It is likely, the study was interpreted without a prior radiograph for comparison -- and therefore assessment of relative change could not be rendered.