Have crystals in my ears that move around and cause me to be unbalanced. What can I do to resolve this? Have tried water pills, nose sprays, mecalzine

Go see an ENT doctor. Can do special epley maneuvers to reposition crystals and improve balance symptoms.
Your . Your symptoms are concerning for a diagnosis of vertigo, and it sounds like you have sought medical care for this. Vertigo can be very resistant to treatment with medications. If you have persistent vertigo, you should be seen medically with consideration for an MRI of your brain, which you may have already done. In addition, patients with chronic (ongoing) vertigo should have an ENT and a neurology evaluation. There are a set of maneuvers called the "epley maneuvers" that some specialists will perform in order to get the otoliths, which are basically little crystals in the inner ear vestibular system, re-positioned. These are maneuvers on the patient's head and neck area. I would advise that you are further evaluted medically because of your persistent symptoms.