Hacking up plegm, sore throat, belching, constipation high blood pressure

Need Treatment. Consul your doctor. Take biaxin 500 mg twice daily for 2 weeks. Phenergan (promethazine) dm cough syrup, one teaspoonful 3 times a day till the cough goes away. Allegra 180 mg one tablet at night for 3 weeks. Continue with your present medication for bp. For constipation, take 4 tablets (all 4 at once) at night and you will have good bm next morning.

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Why would Diovan alleviate sore throat? I have hypertension. Also, I have suffered from sore throats all my life. A couple of years ago, Diovan was prescribed for the hypertension - the blood pressure went down and the sore throats went away. Recently

This. This medication is in the class of drugs called arbs and work in the kidney and lungs. I can't really think of a way it would directly address a sore throat. I realize it works for you so I don't discount what you're telling us. If it a) decreases your blood pressure, b) isn't too expensive for you, c) causes no side effects and d) controls your blood pressure, you should definitely stick with the Diovan (valsartan) if it is the only thing that improves your throat symptoms.

High blood pressure and got pain in neck left side?

See a doctor. We can't diagnose the problem without more information, but high blood pressure and left sided neck pain are a concerning combination. If you are are experiencing pain now, see a doctor right away.

Recently I started feeling pain in my neck back. I don't have high blood pressure. I'm 46 years. Could this be signs of high pressure or something els?

Yes and yes. There are many possible causes with high blood pressure and tension being high on the list. Sometimes a pinched nerve in the neck or arthritis in the neck can do it too.

Hello. I have constipation excessive urination and belching, sore throat, runny nose, almost vomited last night. Any ideas?

Infection? Diabetes? These are signs of diabetes. The next possible cause of these symptoms would be a bad urinary tract infection. Either of these means you are to seek out health care at your doctor's office today.