Birth control question-please help! Hi, I'm 24 years old and have been taking birth control since january. I have always taken my pills at the same time every night until I was late taking a pill last month. I followed the regimen and took 2 in the same d

Likely ok. Your question was cut off, but i'm assuming you're asking about risk of pregnancy (unlikely with 1 missed pill), but missed pills can cause irregular bleeding.Try setting your cell phone alarm for the same time every day.If you're missing pills more frequently, you should ask yourself if the pill is the best option for you.There are other easier options, including long-acting methods like iud/implant.
It . It sounds like you followed the birth control instructions for a missed pill appropriately and responsibly. Since you had your period, then the fact that you missed a pill from your previous cycle would not affect the effectiveness of your current cycle of pills. If you have been taking the pill, following your period, at the same time each evening, then the pill should be effective. Abdominal cramping can be related to other issues such as constipation, gas, and water retention. It is important to know, too, that the birth control pill is less than 100% effective, even when taken regularly. I recommend using a condom in addition to the birth control pill if you are not ready to have a baby.