What's the best way to get pregnant if you have pcos I want to have a child but many say that I will need hormone therapy.

Maybe . 1 of the main problems with pcos is that you don't ovulate regularly. Ovulation is necessary for pregnancy and there are a variety of medicines including hormones that may help stimulate your ovulation. If you are overweight sometimes losing as little as 10 or 15 pounds make a difference also.
Metformin. The best and safest therapy is generally metformin, which can restore normal ovulation and fertility in up to 60% of patients.
Maybe. With pcos, you are either not ovulating or ovulating very infrequently and will need to be on fertility medication to induce ovulation. Women with pcos will occasionally ovulate on their own, the odds of getting pregnant that way is fairly low. Also, make sure that there is nothing else wrong that if corrected may induce ovulation without hormone therapy- tsh, prl, glucose/insulin ratios.