Hepatitis? My son-in-law is an alcoholic, he was told in nov. 2009, that he has a lot of liver damage from drinking, but he still drinks excessively. He is bloated to the point that his skin looks like it could burst, his skin is yellow and so are his ey

Cirrhosis. Your description sounds like end stage liver disease. He should stop drinking and see a regular doctor for further evaluation.
The . The yellow skin (called jaundice) and the yellow eyes (called icterus) reflect a buildup in the blood of a chemical called bilirubin. Bilirubin is normally removed from the body by the liver, and the fact that it's so high as to cause jaundice and icterus means that the liver is in real trouble. The bloating you describe might be a condition called anasarca, which reflects very low protein in the blood, and is another sign of severe liver compromise. Liver failure can be acute or chronic. Acute causes include bacterial and viral hepatitis, tylenol (acetaminophen) overdose, and eating certain types of mushrooms (among others). Chronic causes include viral hepatitis (again), alcohol abuse, diseases of the bile ducts, and any of several metabolic abnormalities. It sounds like your son-in-law is most likely in the chronic category. Whatever the cause of liver failure, continuing to use alcohol is just about the worst thing you can do. It causes an ongoing injury to the already damaged liver and dramatically increases the risk of liver cancer in patients with chronic viral hepatitis (hepatitis c and alcohol tigether increase the risk to more than 10x normal). Most people who continue to drink after they start showing obvious signs of liver disease are dead within two years.