Why am I having chest pains? I'm a 27 year old female, with no prior history of heart problems. But for the last three weeks I've had chest pains everyday, sometimes the pain is sharp and sometimes it's more of a dull ache. Sometimes the pain goes into my

See a doctor. It's likely this is a benign condition like spasms or costochondritis. Heating pad , Aspirin and Ibuprofen might help see your doctor. You are likely to live through this! relax.
Chest . Chest pains can be related to your heart, your digestion or your lungs. Chest pain should be taken very seriously and it is crucial you see your health care provider. In your case, where pain is radiating to your back and feels strange when you breathe, could be related to fluid building up in your lungs. Have you experienced bronchitis or other allergens that affect your respiratory status? Another reason you may have a constant pain in you chest could be a stomach ulcer. Note whether or not you have been coughing up blood or feeling a burning/warm sensation in your chest. Is this pain relieved by antacid? Lastly, this pain could be cardiac related. Cardiac related chest pain can radiate to your neck, arms and back. The pain in your chest is a sign that your body is stressed or that there is tissue injury. See your health care provider as soon as possible to get this resolved.