How long can stress hold off your period? I 'm a month late for my period and last month I was 5 days late. I was stressed a little in both months

Stress . Stress can cause a dysfunction in the pathways between the brain and ovaries, affecting your ovulation. This can lead to skipped periods. There are other things that can cause you to skip a period, however, so i wouldn't assume it's all stress. If you are on oral contraceptive pills sometimes you will skip a period. Similarly, if you are pregnant you will skip a period. And sometimes the lining of the uterus gets thick because of skipped periods. If you you have a negative pregnancy test and are not taking oral contraceptive pills you may want to contact your doctor if you go more than 60 days without a period.
Varies. Stress induced oligomenorrhea or amenorrhea can vary from person to person.