Is there a good home remedy for prostate enlargement?

Enlarged Prostate. Please see a urologist if you have not done so to make sure everyone knows what you are dealing with. A combo product such as ProstaThera by Klaire Labs can be helpful but you need to purchase that through a licensed professional. Similar combo products containing ingredients such as Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin Seed, etc. are available in health food stores. Peace and good health.
No. None that have been proven by medical studies. There are many options for prostate enlargement. Talk to your urologist. Patricio gargollo, pediatric urology, dallas, texas.

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Any good home remedy for BPH or enlarged prostate?

No. BPH is benign swelling of the prostate gland as a man ages. It is under hormonal control and will continue to enlarge over time. If urinary symptoms arise, then treatment options inlcude observtaion, medical therapy, or surgery. There are no home remedies once can take to stop or prevent the enlargement. See your urologist if symptoms persist or bothersome. Read more...