What does it mean when a 2 year old has a green color discharge? It is it is green a can of stringy. This just start like yesterday. This just start like yesterday after being in a swimming pool.

? vaginal discharge. 2-year-olds can develop vaginal discharge from foreign material entering vagina. This can be stool or some small object like a bead or a bean. Thus not necessarily related to swimming pool. Dr. Gundlach has beautifully outlined discharges from other openings. Suggest you see a pediatric urologist, pediatric surgeon or pediatric gynecologist if a persistent vaginal discharge.
From. From your question, it's hard for me to say where you think the discharge is coming from. Children may have green discharge from the eyes - this is often due to a virus causing conjunctivitis (otherwise known as "pinkeye"). These are very contagious but luckily resolve quickly on their own. The best thing to do is to use a warm washcloth as a compress to gently massage the inner corner of the eye to help the drainage go away. Viral conjunctivitis will not get better with antibiotic eye drops, but I know in my area, many of the child care centers require them anyways for the child to return to the center.43r children may have green discharge from the nose - this is most often due to a virus causing the common cold. This can present with sneezing, runny nose, cough, and sometimes fevers. Most parents think that green nose discharge means it must be a bacterial infection (like sinusitis) but actually both colds and sinus infections can cause green discharge in the nose. Colds can last from 7 - 14 days, so we worry about sinus infections when the child has been sick for more than 14 days. For colds, I often recommend using a humidifier in the room, trying to elevate the mattress (maybe books at one end?), using nasal saline (e.g. Ocean's, little noses 0.65% nacl) with a bulb suction (i know, it's hard in toddlers!), and Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen for pain or fever. Do not use cough and cold medicines in children under the age of 6 - they are not considered safe by the american academy of pediatrics (and most pediatricians!), and there is no solid evidence that they work in children like they are supposed to. Children may also have green discharge from the ears - generally this is due to an infection in the ear. There can be two types of infections in the ear - one is otitis externa. This is when the outer ear canal - before the eardrum - becomes infected. This is commonly called "swimmer's ear" so your reference to swimming recently is important! Otitis externa is treated usually with antibiotic drops in the ear. The other type is otitis media - this is an infection in the middle ear behind the ear drum. This is treated with antibiotics that your child takes by mouth. For a good picture of the ear, see here: http://cpnonline. Org/crs/crs/pa_ear_art. Htm if you are seeing other types of green discharge, I would call your doctor to discuss it further! And, consider posting another question to this forum. :-) good luck! Sincerely - dr. Marney gundlach.