Where are the scars from lifestyle lift located? I am considering getting the lifestyle lift procedure to make my jaw line more defined. I am just concerned that I am going to have ugly, visible scars all over my face. Where will the scars actually be loc

Facelift . Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon for a consultation regarding your facelift. Don't be sucked in by the ads and hype of a "branded" facelift--have a consultation with someone who offers multiple options, discuss your concerns, then choose the option best for you. Scars for facelifts after usually in front of and behind the ears, not 'on the face'.
Every . Every plastic surgeon performs face lift surgery a little bit differently. So it is important to have your surgeon explain how he performs the surgery. Face lift scars are strategically placed to be well hidden. The incisions are created around the ear, and may extend into your scalp in the front and/or in the back. Typically, the shorter scar face lifts are ideally suited for patients that need minor improvements. Conversely, a face lift that incorporates a longer scar will be more powerful. So the length of scar is customized for your specific condition and your goals. Lifestyle lift typically incorporates a shorter scar just around the front of the ear. Don't make your decision based on the scars, you need to make your decision based on the total surgical plan and the end result that is desired. I would suggest getting a few consults to get a better idea of what surgery is ideally suited for you.