Should I see a neurosurgeon? I have been seeing a pain management doctor for 3 years now and nothing has helped. I also have other symptoms but don't know if they are related to what is wrong with my back. Some of them are lack of sleep, bladder problems,

Yes. You should see a spine surgeon for evaluation to see whether or not a surgery will help you. Surgery for back pain is usually with spinal fusion. Patients with spondylisthesis along with stenosis and motion are the best candidates. Other candidates include discogenic back pain and facet arthroparhy and deformity. Please be seen.
Depends. Back pain is a fairly common problem and in most cases, surgery is not indicated. Whether or not surgery is indicated in your case would depend on MRI findings and a physical examination. If you have numbness/weakness as a result of nerve entrapment in your spine, surgery may be indicated, but otherwise, non-surgical options are usually best.
Without . Without a comprehensive history and physical as well as review of current laboratory work and/or any radiologic examinations, it is impossible to recommend any treatments, medications, or any other types of therapies.