Is it possible to have chronic prostatitis?

Yes. Chronic prostatitis is a chronic infection of the prostate gland. There are several classifications of prostatitis. Once the infection clears, there may be a residual smoldering infection and/or inflammation that resembles the symptoms of prostatitis that may then become chronic and persist for a long time.

Related Questions

What causes chronic prostatitis?

Unclear. There is not enough space here to discuss chronic prostatitis. It may be bacterial (5%) or nonbacterial. The nonbacterial form is difficult to treat effectively. Nonbacterial prostatitis may be related to chronic pelvic pain syndromes and to interstitial cystitis.

What can I do to? Treat chronic prostatitis?

Tough. I'd start with a antibiotic with anti-inflammatory activity like Doxycycline for 30 days. Consult your urologist.

If I have chronic prostatitis would I feel pain?

Prostatitis. Some discomfort in the scrotim, rectum or low back is possible.
Usually but. . . Acute prostatitis is typically very painful but chronic prostatitis can sometimes linger & smolder while being silent w/o pain. Then it's only diagnosed coincidentally when a high psa is found upon screening (which uspstf says we're not supposed to be doing these days, at least not w/o thorough talk about ramifications). Regardless, prostatitis is very difficult to cure & takes a long bout of abx.

Can chinese medicine for chronic prostatitis work?

Prostatitis. There are chinese formulas for prostatitis but I've had a better clinical response from a western natural supplement formula called prostathera. This is available through natural and conventional docs.