How effective is lipodissolve? I was wondering how well lipodissolve works. I wanted to make sure that I have done the research before having the procedure to remove bumpy fat and cellulite on my thighs. Are there studies that have been done that prove it

Lipodissolve gamble. Lipodissolve is a form of mesotherapy (fat dissolving) and is very unpredictable in its results. If you want to remove fat with precision and certainty, consider liposuction from a board-certified plastic surgeon.
Lipodissolve. Lipodissolve disrupts adipocytes (fat cells) resulting in the release of free fatty acids. This stimulates an inflammatory response and your immune system removes the free fatty acids. This therapy can be good for very small localized fat deposits. It is not good for treating an entire area, because it is slow, unpredictable, uncomfortable, and the inflammation actually makes the area look bigger and red for quite a while. I used to see a lot of patients that were getting this done at medispas with disappointing results (inadequate and irregular).